Face washing: the bare truth

If like me the phrase ‘you put 250 chemicals on your face everyday’ makes you swing completely the other way, like you’d rather rub the juice of 50 dandelions on your face than a load of chemicals that you find deep into the periodic table, then read on. Caught between that modern (and no doubt middle class) axis of wearing make up vs organic: let’s-try-to-use-something-that-like-me-is-originally-from-this-earth, I confess, I wash my face with water…..It’s not the right way to react, which I was promptly told yesterday.

I should say now, for boys (unless you wear make-up) this post really isn’t for you.

This reckless activity of using no foam, no washing agent to rid my skin of the make-up it has endured all day (which really I think has all worn off by the time I get to the basin) means that while you are quietly sleeping and replenishing those stocks of youthful enzymes to your laughter lines and frown marks (the day is tough), the make-up you still have on your face is eating away at your skin and aging it by THREE DAYS per night! May Noah strike me down! Something urgently needs to be done. Post haste I got myself some washer.

TOP TIPS: Make sure you wash your face with a lathering foam wash or use a cleanser if the water dries your skin out, followed by some rose water toner and then some replenishing moisturiser. It’s simple simon sense but really by the age of 28 I would of thought I might have cracked this make up/face washing fiasco by now.

For those who want to go the whole way and have sodium laureth sulphate free lotions (most advisable) then here are some recommendations:

Green People OY! Foaming Face Wash, 100ml £11.25

Neal’s Yard Palmarosa Facial Wash, 100ml, £14

Evolve Daily Detox Facial Wash, 200ml, £10.99

Each person is unique (thankfully) so test some out, learn what skin type you are and whether you would rather not interact with chlorine sponsored water and therefore would prefer using a cleanser instead. I have had my first day of official latherage, I am hoping that by Spring I may have radiating flawlesss skin without martyring a single dandelion.

Check out the very informative Love Lula website for more organic facial washes and cleansers. They have all you need to know about organic make-up and cosmetics.

For more information on the dangers of Sodium Laureth Sulphate and what products it can be found in, click here. It has all the alternative, healthier ways to avoid SLS in our everyday activities.

Stay clean, stay safe, live fast, look young!


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